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New Machine that swaps plastic, tin and glass bottles for train tickets in Medellin, Colombia

Engineers in Medellin, Colombia, have developed a machine that exchanges tin, glass and plastic bottles for credit that can be used in Medellin's overground system 'Metro de Medellin'.

This is a pilot project that the Metro of Medellín will put into operation in conjunction with the company Paisa Ciclo.

Felipe Restrepo, one of the shareholders in  the company,  explained how the machine operates:

Where does the machine come from? This is a reverse vending machine (RVM) designed and built in Medellín by Ciclo, a company that was born as a thesis project of two engineers of the School of Engineering of Antioquia. Today we are five engineers (two mechatronics and three managers) that built machines created with systems that are different from what there was in the market.

The company has already won awards such as the Capital Semilla competition and the TIC Americas international competition.
How did they get to collaborate with the Metro? We seeked to start conversations wi…

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